Why are Indian women beautiful?

Someone recently told me that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. Even Paris Hilton, on her visit to India tweeted that she finds Indian women exotic and gorgeous. It got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that Indian women are indeed naturally gifted and beautiful. No wonder Indian women have won numerous beauty pageants for instance; Susmita Sen as Miss Universe, Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra as Miss World. In addition, India has some of the world’s sexiest women for example Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen and numerous others.

Indians are a mix of races. India was colonised by invaders and this is where the breeding of the “exotics” began. The average Indian could have Greek, Mongol, Arab, Turkish, Persian, Afghan, Portuguese, French, British, tribal, subcontinent’s original inhabitants, and Central Asian heritage so genetic variation over the centuries make Indians a unique race. Over the centuries, inter-racial marriages resulted in formation of a progeny giving the Indian people best of all races.

Why Indian women are beautiful and attractive..

Dark skin tones: Indian women have a natural tan giving them a beautiful skin colour.

Black hair: They have beautiful raven black hair.

Dark brown eyes: Beautiful olive black eyes with spark and glow in their eyes.

Petite: They also tend to be petite, which can be attractive.

Shy: They are shy which can be an attractive feature.

Behaviour: Indian women tend to be friendly, polite and accommodative. They are generally very sweet that enhances their natural beauty.

Caring attitude: Indian women are devoted to their husbands, children and their family which may seem attractive to some.

Cultural awareness: They are aware of their culture.

Divine beauty: They are god gifted.

Exotic looks: There’s a mystic feel about Indian women.

The way they dress: The sari can make any women exotic. They are traditional yet seductive. A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.

Indian climate: The hot Indian climate makes them look pretty.

Neha Dhupia in Saree
Neha Dhupia in Saree

Come to India and see for yourself…

Do you agree with my points? Do you find Indian women attractive? Have you ever had a crush on an Indian girl? What do you think of Indian women?

Some beautiful Indian women:

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