Try South Indian Uttapam for lunch in India

I would like to suggest that you try Uttapam for lunch when in India. Uttapam is a bit like a pancake or an omelette with toppings. It’s definitely not a pizza but it does look like one.

I am really surprised this elegant dish is not as popular in the north as the other South Indian dishes. Although it may not be as popular as the Masala Dosa but you’ll find this in all South Indian restaurants all over India. Good thing about the Uttapam is that it does not require a lot of oil so those travellers to India watching their weight can have this.

I had “uttapam” for lunch

I had this particular preparation as seen in the plate in a restaurant some time back for lunch. It was extremely hot to my surprise but the taste was excellent. The dish came with some coconut and mint chutney and sambar. I must have gulped at least a litre of water afterwards.

Made of urad dal (black lentil) and rice, the uttapam will make the perfect lunch without going too heavy. Here’s a list of other 10 dishes to try when in India.

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