20 life lessons I learnt living in India

I have been to many countries but I have to admit, India has to be one of the coolest countries in the world. Living in India has been a great experience and certainly has its advantages. Basically India prepares you for everything. Here’s why.

1. I know how to dodge my way through almost anything. Crowds don’t’ worry me.

Indian crowd
Can you see me in the crowd?

2. I can tolerate spices because stomach is made of steel.

Eating street food
Eating street food. No wonder our stomach is made of steel.

3. I can bargain the price of anything down to at least half price.

Shopping in Karol Bagh Delhi
Me bargaining at the famous Karol Bagh Market in Delhi

4. I am now an expert driver because Indian roads have too many pot holes not to mention the high volume traffic. I can even ride a scooter like the rest of India. Speaking of, you must own a motorcycle or scooter in India. Opt for best motorcycle loans to help you own a motorcycle.

I can ride a scooter and dodge traffic like a pro
I can ride a scooter and dodge traffic like a pro

5. Sitting in Indian traffic jams have made me extremely patient.

Waiting in Indian traffic
Waiting in Indian traffic

6. Strengthened by watching 3 hour long Bollywood movies.

7. And 5 day cricket test matches.

8. Learnt to “adjust” in life.

9. Have learnt to live with animals.

10. Lived through Delhi’s monsoons; can face anything.

Living with animals in India, animals on the road in India
Living with animals in India. A buffalo walking back home with me.

11. Trying to understand Indian politics has made my brain stronger.

12. Dealing with temperamental Indian internet connection has made me an expert in IT.

Keeping cool all the time
Keeping cool all the time despite temperamental internet connections

13. I can beat anyone in a shouting match (It’s a valuable life skill in India).

14. Nothing surprises me any more. (Once you try the shitty public Indian toilets, you’ll be the same).

Indian Public Toilets
Fancy a pee in the great Indian public toilet (calling all tourists to India –  you must try this once in a life time).

15. You get used to strange weird men asking for friendship on Facebook. Being stared-at maybe unusual for foreign women but for Indian women it’s the norm.

16. India is dam dangerous. Too many pot pot-holes and man-holes on the road. Learnt not to venture outside alone late at night.

17. Fair and lovely is way to go otherwise getting married would have been be an issue. But then there’s always the grandma who can find you a good husband.

18. Learnt some good swearing techniques.

19. There’s nothing sexier than a saree.

Sexy Saree
Sexy sarees on display. You got to have one of these on your next trip to India.

20. If I’m bored, there is always something I can do or talk to someone even on the street. India is never boring.

I don’t know about your county, but INDIA is still happening. Why not visit India for your next holiday.

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