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This is a follow up of the previous audio post on Hindi I did for travellers going to India. Hindi is the one of the official languages and most widely spoken language in India. Hence learning a few words and phrases can go a long way. Although English will do, there is no harm in learning a little bit of Hindi. Except the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, you should be able to communicate in Hindi in most parts of India.  

Here are some more travel Hindi phrases that might come in handy. Don’t forget to listen to me speak both the English and its Hindi translation.

    • I want a ticket – Mujhe ek ticket chahiye
    • I want to 2 tickets – Mujhe do ticket chahiye
    • Where is my room – Mera kamra kaha hai
    • May I see the room – Kya mai kamra dekh sakta hu (male); Kya mai kamra dekh sakti hu (female)
    • What time is the breakfast – Nastay ka samay kya hai
    • Where is the bathroom – Bathroom kaha hai
    • I am from USA – Main USA say hu
    • Where are you from – Aap kaha say hai
    • Who are you – Aap kaun hai
    • What do you want – Aaap kya chahtay hai
    • How much is this – Ye kitnay ka hai
    • Lower the price –Daam kum karo
    • How are you – Aap kaisay hain?
    • Take me to the hotel – Mujhe hotel le chalo
    • Where is the taxi stand –Taxi stand kaha hai
    • I don’t speak Hindi – Mujhe Hindi nahi aati hai
    • Do you speak English? – Kya app English boltay hai
    • How old are you – Aap ki umar kya hai
    • I have to go – Mujhe jaana hai
    • One moment – Ek minute
    • Hurry up – Jaldi karo
    • What is the time – Time kya hua
    • Just one minute – Ek minute(same as one moment)
    • Now – Abhi
    • Tomorrow – Kal
    • Evening – Shaam
    • Afternoon – Dopahar

I hope these basic Hindi words and phrases would be useful to you. For further travel words, phrases and sentences for use in India, you might wish to buy my travel book “Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India” which is available on all Amazon stores.

Hindi Language for kids and beginners
Hindi Language for kids and beginners – That’s actually me on the cover.

In addition, I have published a new book called, “Hindi Language For Kids And Beginners: Speak Hindi Instantly” which will also be useful to travellers to India. I have priced the ebook competitively around $1 dollar so grab yourself a bargain.

If you wanted me to speak out more travel Hindi words, phrases or sentences then feel free to ask here or leave a message in the comment box.

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