What happens when 20 Indians are asked to kiss on camera?

We Indians are an amazing lot. As a traveller to India, you’ll find out as soon as you step out of the airport. For instance, any sort of public affection between the two sexes is a no go area for us. Kissing in public is something that we don’t do at all costs.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video where 20 Indians were asked to kiss on camera. Although the video is in Hindi, it does illustrate what I am trying to say. In the video, 20 Indians were asked to kiss for the first time without any introduction. The video was a kind of a social experiment called the “First Kiss”. What this video shows is typical Indian responses, awkwardness and mindsets.

Be warned – In India, any displays of affection will probably violate public obscenity including kissing. Even a simple kiss could be disastrous giving the Indian police to charge you with obscenity and allow them to extort some money out of you. Don’t get us wrong; Indians do all the kissing they want, it’s just that they don’t do it in public or at least when no one’s looking.

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