Drinking bhang lassi legally in India

Bhang is the another name of marijuana. Bhang has traditionally been associated with the Hindu religion. It has been mentioned in the Vedas, the ancient texts of the Hindus. You will often find Sadhus or Hindu holy men having a “joint” known as the “hookah or chillum”.

Indian holy man smoking chillum
Indian holy man smoking chillum

During the Hindu festival of Holi (festival of colours) and Shivratri, it is a tradition to drink bhang-lassi (milk shake with bhang in it). Mind you, marijuana is illegal in India and you will be booked if you are caught consuming it. But since it is culturally intertwined, the law is not strictly enforced; the only legal place is at some of the government approved Bhang shops in the holy city of Varansi. You will also be able to drink bhang-lassi at some of the lanes where street vendors make and sell them. If you really wanted to try them then make sure you go at a government approved bhang-shop. Read more about bhang here.

Watch this video below to see this man having a bhang lassi legally!

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