Why do Indian men scratch their testicles in public?

It’s an annoying habit of some Indian men. I have seen some Indian men scratching their testacies in public and it really gives me the cringe. As a traveller to India, you will notice this as well and may find it objectionable. But some things in India are non-negotiable; you just have to deal with it.

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So why do they do it? Here are some possible answers from a women’s point of view…

They get itchy. It’s natural for anyone to scratch if they have an itch. If your arm is itchy, what would you do?

India is an overcrowded place and privacy is something that is not always available to Indians. So they don’t care who’s watching.

They get hot under the pants and their testicles stick to their body. India is an extremely hot country and perhaps some Indian men just have to move it round to keep it cool.

Perhaps they don’t shave down-under and their hair gets all curly. Perhaps their public hairs are knotted around the foreskin and they need to untangle. Who knows!

They spot a female that tickle their fancy causing it to get erect and they need to hide it.

Being men, they can get away with it. It’s a big deal if women were to do this kind of stuff!

They are asserting their masculinity…. “Look I’m a man; I can scratch my balls if I want to”.

They are not aware that they are doing it.

Perhaps they are doing it for comfort or maybe they enjoy it.

Maybe they have a disease.

Perhaps they are checking to see if their penis and testicles are still there.

Please note

Remember, not all Indian men do this, it all depends on their social class, their upbringing and their values. Would you find this behaviour of Indian men disgusting?

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