Hindi food words and phrases with audio

Although English is spoken in most restaurants and most people will understand English; it’s nice to use a few Hindi words and phrases every now and then especially if you are in a restaurant or buying food at a food stall. So let’s take a look at some of the Hindi food words and common phrases that might come in handy in India.

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Hindi food words:

Food – Khana

Breakfast – Nasta

Lunch – Dopahar ka bhojan

Dinner – Raat ka khana

Water – Paani

Tea – Chai

Cheese – Paneer

Chapatti – Roti

Milk – Dudh

Rice – Chawal

Fruit – Phal

Banana – Kela

Apple – Seb

Knife and fork – Kaata aur chaku (or churi kaata)

Delicious – Swadist

Egg – Aanda

Potato – Aaloo

Lentil – Daal

Pappadums – Papad

Plate – Thali

As a traveller to India you will be eating a lot of Indian food. Here are some Hindi food related phrases that might come in handy.

Food related phrases for a restaurant conversation in Hindi:

Table for 2 please – Do aadmi ke liye table chahiye

Where is the restaurant – Restaurant kidhar hai

Please take me to the restaurant – Kripya restaurant ley chaliye

I need water – Mujhe paani chahiye

Please bring water – Paani le aayiye

I want bottled water – Mujhe bottled water chahiye (Guide to drinking water in India)

I want mineral water – Mujhe mineral water chahiye

Food is nice – Khana bahut accha hai

Food is bad – Khaan bahut kharab haI want water – Mujhe paani chahiye

Can I have some food – Kya khana milega

Please bring my food – Mera khana laa do

How much is this – Yeh kitne ka hai

Bill Please – Bill le aayiye

Where is the toilet – Toilet kidhar hai

I hope these Hindi food words and phrases will come in handy while you are in India. If you are going to India then you will need some more Hindi for your travels. Here’s a comprehensive list of greeting Hindi words and phrases (with audio) that might come in handy.

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