7 Places U.S. Citizens Need Visa to Visit

Passports have power. They can get you out of the country and into many, many other countries around the world – that’s if you have the right passport. According to Forbes, a passport from the United States ranks at number 5 for the world’s most powerful passports, meaning your passport can easily get you into a lot of countries without having to first get a visa. However, there are still some countries that require a visa before an American is allowed to enter the country. Read on to learn about seven places where U.S. citizens need a visa.

US Passport Visa Free CountriesChina

China is one of the largest countries in the world with so much to see. From bustling cities to rural villages and ancient structures, China is at the top of many people’s vacation spots. However, even as a tourist you’ll need to apply for a visa to China. Be prepared to submit your actual passport, a passport size photograph, a copy of your round trip ticket, proof of residency, and more.


Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is famous for its beauty, Mountain Gorillas, and Lake Victoria. When visiting Uganda as a tourist, you need a visa that is valid for up to 90 days. You can get the visa ahead of time online, which only takes about 3 days, or you can show up and get the visa at immigration. The cost in 2019 for a visa was $50.00


If you were to tell your friends you’re going on vacation to Eritrea, they’d probably say “where on earth is that”? Eritrea is a small country on the Horn of Africa bordered by the Red Sea. It’s a safe, clean, African country with friendly, generous people and prices that will really stretch your vacation dollars. To visit Eritrea, you’ll need a visa. Along with the visa application form, you also need to supply bank statements that proves you can afford your vacation, and you need to present the Eritrean Embassy with you actual passport that you’ll probably have to mail. It can take a few weeks to get your visa for Eritrea but if you love visiting remote places, Eritrea is worth it.

Papua New Guinea

Close to Australia, this island is known for still having uncontacted tribes. Mostly missionaries dare to enter the jungles of the island, but some tourists come here to. You’ll need a visa, however, if you decide to visit this wild place. Like other countries on this list, you’ll need to present your actual passport, photograph, and your visa application form in advance to ensure entry.

The Solomon Islands

Nestled in the South Pacific, these gorgeous islands are known for their unmatched beauty and WWII relics. To visit this paradise, you’ll need a visa. But the good news, is you can get one upon arrival so be sure to put this beautiful island on your bucket list.

Saudi Arabia 

 Saudi Arabia is one of the countries countries that are name after their royal family. In order to visit Saudi Arabia you will need to obtain a Saudi Arabia Visas prior to going to Saudi.


India has a complicated visa system that requires submitting an online application along with photos and other documents. U.S. citizens visiting India for tourism are required to obtain either a single entry e-Visa (electronic visa, issued online) which is valid for a 30 day stay.

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