Awesome Things To Do In Jeddah

Also known as the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has gradually evolved into a tourist destination for being one of the open cities in the country. Both tourists and local citizens of the place call it a city with a unique atmosphere. It has also become a stop for many Hajj visiting Muslim pilgrims.

How To Travel To Jeddah?

Travelling to Jeddah from Riyadh via flights is the most convenient and comfortable mode of transportation. There are several رحلات طيران من الرياض الى جدة  that are available at very low cost.

Once in Jeddah, from the mouth-watering cuisines to the historical landmarks, there are  several cuisines and things to explore. It is best to plan a two nights trip in Jeddah in order to cover the entire city and avoid exhaustion.

Where to Stay In Jeddah?

Finding accommodation in Jeddah is not difficult but the first thing that must be considered is the budget under which the trip is being planned. Staying at expensive five or four-star hotels can provide spectacular views of the beach and luxurious comforts. For people who are scouting for a modest rate can stay at three-star hotels or apartments can also be found. It is a city that caters to a wide range of audience when it comes to price.

The location must be chosen in such a way that travelling to markets and historical places can become easier. Living in the outskirts might not be suitable for those who wish to visit the vibrant markets and enjoy the different delicacies that are available in the hub of the main city. A tour guide who is booking the trip might provide better advice on where to stay depending on the budget.

Awesome Things To Do In Jeddah

Historical Places in Jeddah

There are several historical places in Jeddah that have become an important part of the city and their culture. Most of these historical sites have been restored and maintained, particularly for tourist visits. A particular fee is charged in order to enter these historical places as it is done in other countries.

The visit can be split into two halves; one day can be kept aside for visiting these monumental and historical places and the other day can be kept for leisure visits. Missing out on these sites which has a long and interesting history is a complete loss. A day must definitely be kept aside for visiting Al-Balad, Biet Nassif, and the different mosques.

Lifestyle and Culture of Jeddah

The lifestyle and culture of Jeddah is very intriguing, especially for foreign tourists. Several festivals take place in the city throughout the year and choosing the right time and festival can lead to an interesting vacation. For culinary lovers, missing out on the food festival in Jeddah is a complete loss. The festival takes place towards March end, on the Tahlia Street. The celebration is also joined by several cafes, restaurants and food chains. The warm atmosphere makes this festival unique and different. From the oriental coffee to the special kebabs or the food salads, everything can be relished.

The Jeddah Ghair, also known as the Summer Festival in Jeddah which includes festive celebrations such as fireworks, local cuisine stalls, etc. The festival takes place on the most popular and favourites spot, the Jeddah Corniche Waterfront.

The Hayya Festival of Jeddah is another such big and interesting event which primarily focuses on children, it is an elaborate event that children enjoy the most and happens throughout the month of January and February.

Enjoy Theme Parks In Jeddah

Jeddah is very popular for theme parks that are scattered around the city. However, the most popular theme park is The Al Shallal Theme park. Tourists visiting for a short period of time must definitely visit this ‘leisured’ theme park. It is located near the Corniche and has over eleven attractions and one big roller coaster and a water ride as well. Other popular theme parks include, Jungle Land Theme Park, Atallah Happy Land Park and Al Amwaj Amusement park.

Street Food in Jeddah

People who like to travel often say that a place will always be remembered if the street foods leave a mark on their memories. Jeddah is one such place with a number of street food verities and shops. A few popular and must try street food in Jeddah are; yughmish, mutabaq, the classic falafel, the Saudi style mantu and samosa, manaeesh, the sweet luqaimat and lahoh. These street foods are extremely popular and available almost everywhere at very low prices.

Al Baik is very popular food chain that also serves delicious street foods. It has over 300 branches in Jeddah itself and is very reasonable when it comes to price.

Places To Visit In Jeddah: Shopping Markets, Malls and Popular Hubs

There are more than 15 shopping malls in Jeddah scattered across the entire city. This means that tourists will never run out of shopping places. The most popular shopping mall is the Red Sea Mall which also has a historical background. It has everything including shops, food courts, supermarkets, play area, etc.

The family-oriented malls, The Arabia Mall and Serafi Mega Mall is perfect for people travelling with family and children. One mall that is very crowded during week days is the Aziz Mall with more stores in comparison to the other malls. Other than this, there are several luxurious and scientific malls as well.

Other than malls, the Fakieh Aquarium must also be visited for a different experience of the Red Sea. In comparison to other cities in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the best destination, especially for women. Most middle eastern countries have staunch rules for what women can do and cannot do and the rules in Jeddah are mostly laid back apart from the religious rules. It is important to remember that any activity or behaviour that hurts religious believes and sentiments must be avoided at all costs. It is also important to note that wearing modest clothing is compulsory. A research on what clothing can be worn in Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia must be conducted in advance.

Lifestyle and Culture of Jeddah

Travellers have started adding this city which is also known as the door way to Mecca on their lists due to the number of activities and cultural varieties that they can experience in this place. Finding the ارخص طيران  to travel between these two cities is not a very difficult thing and can be easily found and booked online. So go for it and enjoy your trip.

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