Choosing the right bus for your tour group

They say travelling nourishes the soul. The memories we make as we travel stay with us for a lifetime and shape us into storytellers and lovers. And what better way to create such memories than travelling with people, be it your family, your friends or even your sports team? Everything becomes way more enjoyable when you travel with others who you can share the joy with. But planning such a trip can prove to be a difficult affair unless you plan well and ahead of time. You need to keep track of everyone’s needs, book accommodations, the price for charter bus rental etc. Therefore, just in case you are in charge of planning a tour then here are a few things that you can keep in mind to get you through the process.

Choose your destination months in advance

If you choose the destinations in advance then it will be easier to book your hotels or guest houses as they would be cheaper. Additionally, consult other people about where you want to go so you can avoid places that not many want to go to. It’s a group trip, not a solo one and you need to keep that in mind at all times. In case of a field trip check before you go. For example call the venue if it’s a museum, art gallery or park, beforehand to check whether they will be open during the time you will be visiting. Also, remember to keep your itinerary flexible. If anyone wants to spend time by themselves or explore the area on their own they can easily choose to do so if required.

Remember to pack only what you need

It is easy to over pack when planning a journey like this. Not only that will take up too much space but also make it harder to carry. Ask your friends to pack wisely too. Make a list of essentials. A never-ending collection run of snacks is not necessary for a road trip. But you do need to take some medicines such as painkillers etc, first aid kit and other specific things that people might need. Always remember to have ample amount of water.

Choose your transportation well

Choosing the correct transportation is the key to planning a good road trip. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the charter bus, the mini charter bus or even the party bus.

The charter bus

The charter bus, also known as the coach bus, comes loaded with amenities. The seats are properly cushioned, recline and have ample storage space under them. If you are travelling with 40-60 people, these buses are the way to go. Its air conditioned, has plug points and sometimes even toilets. A lot of these buses include accessibility ramps for wheelchairs if needed. These buses are perfect for big family reunions and field trips.

The minibus

Minibuses are ideal for or short trips PES and when you’re travelling with about 30 people. They are usually good for day trips to, say, concerts, weddings, brewery trips etcetera. They have air conditioning, access to Wi-Fi and power points. Because they’re for smaller groups and short trips, they usually do not have toilets. They also do not have a luggage bay but have overhead spaces only for smaller bags.

The party bus

The party bus is meant for one thing that is partying. If you are planning on doing some old club shopping or craft beer tasting, these busses is a good alternative to limos since they have more space and can accommodate almost 20 people. In addition, seats are comfortable; have flashing lighting, air conditioning and good sound so that you can play your music. It also has Wi-Fi and power outlets.

So there you have it, take your pick. Just make sure you stay safe, never compromise on safety.

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