Tips to consider before flying internationally

Traveling is like opening a little window into a world full of fun, adventures, and limitless opportunities to explore something new. It not only soothes the soul but also helps in enhancing the knowledge of geography. Also, it helps in expanding the horizon of thoughts, and one learns a lot about people belonging to different parts of the world and their culture.

Well, when it comes to traveling to someplace new, whether domestic or international, one needs to take care of a lot of things.

In this article, I will take you down the road to some tips, considering which, you will be able to make your international trip, the memory of a lifetime.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look.

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#1 Check your passport:

Knowingly that the Passport is a significant asset while traveling overseas, it’s a must-do task to check whether it’s in order and has a prolonged validity. In many countries, they have some predefined rules to possess at least six months valid visa(s) to visit and stay in their country.

So, if you don’t fulfil these prerequisites, you must consider getting a visa for a long duration. It is recommended to visit the international travel policies and rules before flying to a place.

Furthermore, you must find out whether you need to get a visa for visiting a destination or not, where to get it, how long the procedure would take as some countries provide on-arrival visas while others might take weeks to deliver your passport with the desired visa stamp on it.

Thus, make a checklist as without having a visa would get you in trouble and spoil all your travel arrangements and wishes.

Tips to consider when travelling oversees

#2 Immigration rules

The next big thing you need to pay heed to are the immigration policies and procedures before landing up to the fantasized location. Sometimes at the checkpoint, you may be asked to show proof of onward travel out, and only then they may let you clear the same. Some countries require transit visas therefore it is important that you check the rules before you travel.

Many people have noted that some airlines don’t allow passengers to onboard their flight if your documents don’t match the destination’s immigration requirements list.

Official sites and many online portals provide you with the latest ongoing rules and regulations of different airlines and the current time immigration checklist. is a travel booking platform that offers air travel services with 24/7 assistance on all your travel queries; one may consider visiting the site to know more about immigration and air trips.

#3 Carry electronic copies of crucial documents

There is a high probability that you may lose the original copy of your documents and end up getting into the last-minute hassle at the airport or before even reaching there. We, today, live in the modern world where technology has reached beyond our imagination, thus, providing us access to almost everything, sitting at any corner of the globe.

It’s a great idea to make e-copies of all the mandatory documents, proofs, and identities (like passport, visa, return tickets, etc.) which can be easily accessed with the facility of the Internet. By taking this precaution, you will be rest assured that in case you lose any of the mandatories, you will be back to your home country safely, by proving your citizenship.

#4 Security and health checks

It’s highly recommended to have a health check-up well in advance to avoid health hiccups while on air travel or before/after making a journey. Make sure you get all the vaccinations done and have renewed your medical prescriptions.

Here’s a tip:

Taking treatment overseas is very expensive, it’s better to get a cure from your native country to prevent adding some useless expenditure.

Also, give a thorough read to your medical insurance rules whether they apply on your international trip or not. If it doesn’t offer you one, look for air travel insurance to add extra coverage on your voyage and be prepared for the worst.

#5 Overseas money expenditure

The modern era is digitalized, and if currency exchange or carrying heavy cash bothers you, give them a replacement by issuing international travel cards that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Your normal ATM cards can get you some extra service charge or currency exchange fee while making a transaction. The U.S. citizens can look upon Charles Schwab for opening a free checking account which applies no fees or additional charges on foreign transactions and reimburses ATM fees on your travel.

Based on my travel experiences, I would say that need not solely depend on your cards as even they have a probability to get stolen, so keep up a back-up plan. Carry a minimum cash amount, say $100 (or whichever currency needed) so that you can be saved in case of any mishap.

Take plenty of money with you

#6 Compare the transportation and accommodation expenses

From flying to landing to staying to roaming, there are many expenses which can create a boundary around you and can forge some troublesome situations while away from your home country.

So it’s better to consider some best travel options (like a train, bus or cabs). There are many applications available today, which can help you find the cheapest and quickest mode of transport in foreign countries.

Bla Bla Car is more common in Spain, Germany and now in India as well. For hotel booking, consider, where you can compare the different hotels in your destination place.

If traveling with UA, you can go for checking United Airlines make reservations where you can avail many other special offers to specific travel destinations. Either book from its official site or go fro checking out other third party vendors.

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#7 Check your airline’s luggage policy

Every airline has a predefined set of policies that must be read before commuting to your tourist place with a particular airline. You must see what all things you can carry in your carry-on luggage along with the weight allowed and the same with the checked baggage category too.

It is recommended to visit the official site of the airline you wish to travel with for knowing more and getting in-depth knowledge on the checked and carry-on rules as if overweight, you may be incurred to pay incremental fees.

Here’s a tip:

Consider visiting the airline’s lost and found page as well to be acquainted when in trouble with the lost baggage.

The Last Say

Travelling is monotonous to some and loved by many! However, there are many precautions you must take and some useful points to consider which would help one and all to be aware of the problems that may occur.

I hope the above-mentioned tips and suggestions would prove helpful to you in giving useful insights regarding the Do’s and Don’ts to follow before you take up a flight to the desired destination.

Happy Air Travel!

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