How to find cheap air tickets to India from the USA

Are you looking for cheap air tickets to India from the USA? Are you thinking of a vacation to India this year? Are you considering visiting India but finding the tickets to India expensive? Let’s take a look at how to find some cheap tickets to India from the USA!

More and more people from the USA are visiting India. But tickets are not cheap and they don’t appear to get any cheaper. In fact, tickets to India are expensive given the long haul flights from the USA to the major cities of India. Let’s take a look at how to buy cheap tickets to India from the USA.

First and foremost, you need to start looking for tickets to India online. This is where most tickets to India are sold. Funny thing is when you type “tickets to India”; you get a range of flight schedules from Google flights. When you search for flights to India on the Google search engine both from the UK and USA you will start getting a range of options as shown in the screenshot below.

How to find cheap air tickets to India from the USA

Let’s look at more ways to get cheap air tickets to India

You will notice that you will get a host of major comparison sites on the first few search results page. Some of the major comparison sites or travel search engines include, Cheapflights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Lastminute etc. You should most certainly try them out. After you have given your preferred travel dates, you will get a range of prices from various sites and when you choose one, you will be directed to the vendor site where you can purchase your tickets. Check at least three different travel search engines and compare the prices. One thing to remember is that a direct flight from USA is most unlikely as most travellers from the USA will have to transit in London or somewhere in Europe. If you are traveling from UK then direct flights will be more expensive while indirect flights or flights that require you to stop in another airport for transit will be slight cheaper. If you don’t mind a stopover then it’s worth considering it but if you have children then you should consider direct flights to India.

There are many flight brokers such as Expedia, Ebookers, Travelcity etc which are more like travel agents that not only provide air tickets but also hotels and allow you to hire cars. Sometimes they have offers and discounts hence it is worth trying them out.

How to find cheap air tickets to India from the USA

Other thing you can do is to go on individual sites of airlines and see if you get tickets to India cheaper. For instance, you can go to British Airways, Virgin Atlantic etc and put in the dates of you travel and check if you can get decent prices. Sometimes ticket prices might be cheaper if you buy direct from the airlines. At the same time, it might well be cheaper if you buy from an online travel agency as they buy tickets in bulk. This is something that you will have to check yourself. You do need to spend a bit of time on line when looking for cheap flights to India.

When looking for tickets to India online, you will come across various online travel agents. You should try them as well. Some have good reputations and worth checking their prices as well. If you are not sure about a particular travel agent then you should check their reviews. For instance you want to check the reviews of a particular agency then type “reviews”. You will get plenty of reviews from trustpilot, tripadvisor and so on.  Go through the reviews and see what the customers have to say. There is no doubt that there will be good and bad reviews, you just have to weigh and pros and cons from buying from that particular agency. In addition, when buying from a travel agency online, make sure their contact number is readily available so that you can get in touch with one of their agents if required.

cheap tickets to india
cheap tickets to india

In addition to looking for cheap air tickets online, go for a walk in the malls and shopping centers where you will encounter brick and motor travel agencies. Don’t be afraid to walk in and get a quote. Tell them that you have found cheaper tickets online and if they can match them. If they can’t then, you can always them that you will think about it.

Remember if you are flexible then you might be able to get better fares, if you don’t mind numerous stops then it will lower the price as well. If you are flying off season then price of tickets to India drop! If you are traveling in the summer season then prices appears to be cheaper. Flying in the middle of the week is cheaper then flying on the weekends. Lots of people want to travel on the weekends as people tend to take of annual leaves starting from the weekends hence airlines hike their prices up. This is cheeky from their side but that’s the way it is.

Try to fly budget airlines. If you travel by major airlines then prices will be expensive. It is true that their food, flight entertainment, leg room will be better but that’s a compromise you will have to make if you want to cheap flights to India.

cheap flights to india from usa

If you are ok with fixing your departure dates and want to no alterations later then prices seem to drop a little. When you fix your dates; this means that you will have no other option but to fly on those dates. If you want to alter your dates or want to cancel your tickets then you will forfeit your tickets and will not get a refund. This is something you have to think hard about. If you are certain about your travel dates then it’s worth saving a bit of money here. But do remember that you will not get your money back if you cancel or change anything.

You should also remember that if you fly to major cities such as Delhi’s India Gandhi International Airport or Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport then prices are much cheaper compared to smaller cities as Ahmedabad and will also be less frequent.

So there you have it! When buying tickets to India you should start your search online. Try individual travel agents, individual airlines by visiting their websites, and ask around travel shops at the malls. I am sure you will find a decent price for your air tickets to India. There are no secrets to getting cheap flights to India from the USA but you do have to be a little savvy and I am sure you will find your cheap tickets to India.

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