Planning a dream family vacation? Here’s why you cannot do without travel insurance

“One’s destination is never a place but a new of looking at the world.”

Embarking on overseas travel with family requires extensive planning to ensure a pleasant and safe journey. For such instance, travel insurance becomes its integral part. It not only acts as a safety net during emergencies, but travel insurance also helps in keeping peace of mind against all unforeseen incidents occurring due to medical or other travel-related issues that have the potential of spoiling your journey.

You book your flight tickets and cruise in advance to save substantial costs. Then you tend to overpack your bags and wonder about things to avoid while on vacation with family, and mostly wonder about the purpose of travel insurance, whether or not to buy it.

For those people who think insurance is only an extra cost, here are some of the favourable reasons, especially for international travellers:

  1. Safeguard your family and yourself against unforeseen medical illnesses

Consider a scenario where you are travelling to the USA with your family, and somehow you fall ill. Medical expenses in a foreign land can dig a hole in your pocket. If you have travel insurance beforehand, you may not have to worry about anything. It will help you get to the nearest hospital location and take care of your immediate medical expense needs. For lone travellers, insurance will cover the cost of travelling back home in cases of serious injuries or illness in a foreign land.

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Travel insurance also gives you a 24*7 help facility and guides you throughout your journey. It is like that friend of yours who is not present with you physically but will help in every possible way to get you out of bad situations. You can stay sure if anything goes wrong, a 24*7 helpline will guide you through the cases of lost luggage or medical emergencies, and other similar challenges throughout the trip.s

  1. Give a cover of your personal liabilities

During your travel, there are possibilities of getting your property damaged by a third-party person. If you are insured, the insurer will accordingly bear the cost of the damaged assets. Many travel insurers in India give an extra cover to personal liabilities under travel insurance plans.

  1. Stay sure of protection against travel-related emergencies

If a scenario occurs where you lose your passport or your laptop or trip delays owing to adverse weather conditions, your insurer will provide you with financial help. It is only best to have an insurance plan beforehand to lessen worries for such and other unforeseen circumstances.

  1. A mandatory requirement

Few countries have made it compulsory for international travellers to have insurance. Of course, you wouldn’t want yourself and your family to find in a situation where not carrying travel insurance leads to a barred entry in a foreign land by the immigration department. Also, there are times when the visa gets rejected due to the absence of an insurance policy. So, be sure to buy a plan for yourself and your family in advance and make that trip happen.

Safeguard your travel plans with family

When you travel abroad, especially with your family, there always are possibilities of an unforeseen event happening which can ruin your trip. At times, it may burn a hole in your pocket. It is only wise to purchase travel insurance to cover your family and yourself from every unseen forthcoming.

Stay insured and make your journeys happier and safer and make the best out of your travel plans.

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