Basic Hindi words and phrases for beginners

Do you want to learn some basic Hindi words? Are you travelling to India? Do you want to learn a few Hindi words and phrases before you go? Are you a parent and want to teach your kids some Hindi?  Are you an NRI and want to polish up on your Hindi? Whatever the case maybe then here are some basic Hindi words and phrases for beginners.

Basic Hindi for beginners – Listen to my pronunciation below

Hello – Namaste (Pranam)
You – Aap
Me – Main
Yours – Tumhara
Mine – Mera
Come – Aao
Go – Jao
Okay – Thik hain
Excuse me – Mujhe maaf kijiye
Let’s go – Chalo
Thank you – Dhanyevaad
I don’t know – Mujhe nahi malum
Who are you – Aap kaun hain
See you – Phir milenge
Very nice – Bahut accha
How’s it going – Sub thik thak
What is your name – Aap ka naam kya hai
My name is Tom – Mera naam Tom hai
How are you – Aap kaise hain
I am fine – Mai thik huin
What do you do – Aap kya karte hain
I am a student – Mai student hui
Would you like to drink tea – Kya aap chai piyenge
Have you eaten – Aapne khana khaya
Today is a nice day – Aaj din accha hai
Where are you from – Aap kaha se hain
Where will I find a taxi – Taxi kidhar milega
What is the time – Samay kya hua hai
What would you like – Aap kya lenge
What do you want – Aap ko kya chahiye
What do you do – Aap kya karte hai
What are you doing – Aap kya kaar rahe hain
I have to go – Mujhe jaana hain
We will meet again – Humlog phir milenge (or simply “phir milenge”)
I want to go to the station – Mujhe station jaana hain
How much is this – Ye kitne ka hai
Lower the price – Daam kum kijiye

Those where some basic Hindi words and phrases for beginners. If you would like me to add a few more then let me know. If there’s something in particular you would like to learn then please feel free to comment.

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