How to travel with limited PTO

We all dream of having endless time to travel. Months, even years, free to wander the globe and explore everywhere you have always dreamed of visiting. You’ve probably got plenty of potential trips already mapped out in your head and a bucket list of epic proportions.

Sadly, ordinary life just keeps getting in the way. For most of us, our jobs mean that we can’t just drop everything and head off on an adventure, and limited paid-time-off (PTO) means that vacations need to be carefully rationed.

However, just because you don’t have endless PTO, it doesn’t mean you should give up on traveling altogether! There are plenty of tips and tricks to getting the most out of your vacation time and ensuring that even with limited PTO, you can still see the world.

Read on, and discover the secrets of traveling with limited PTO.

Keep time zones in mind

Paying attention to the time zones you are traveling through is a great way to make the most of the time off you do have is another sneaky trick. For example, if you are flying east, you’ll be losing time, so try and book a red-eye flight to ensure you arrive as early as possible. Flying overnight is another great way to ‘find’ an extra day. If you are flying west, you’ll actually gain time so you can stay a little longer in Europe, for example, before heading back to the States.

Think about remote working

Remote working and ‘workcations’ are great ways to see the world without having to use up precious PTO. Talk to your manager about flexible working arrangements and see if remote working is something your company can get behind. If so, as long as you can stay productive, you can work from anywhere in the world! Think about sitting in a bar with your laptop overlooking the beach or coding in a cafe with a mountain view. You can work as much as you need to and explore your awesome destination in your free time!

Travel near to home

Most of us have a wrong perception about traveling; we think traveling is always about going far away from home. However, we never pay attention to the sites that are closer to our residence, and they always remain unexplored. It doesn’t matter where you live; we are sure there will still be some incredible places within driving distance of your residence that are still unexplored. Therefore, you need to explore them and tell others too.

In the past couple of years, people are more into doing adventures on short trips. According to a survey conducted in America, 80% of Americans travel to nearby places every weekend to find some new spots. The survey shows that people are now tired of the same routines and places; they hunt for new places near and good.

Wait for the long weekend

Your job can be hard, and you might not find time for traveling except weekends. However, in such a scenario, you have to learn the art of utilizing long weekends. We will take the example of Muslim countries, where there is three days holiday on the EID festival, and most of the time, they are combined with the weekend. Even if they are not coming on the weekend, you can take one or two mandatory leave from the office and take your family on a good trip. Seven days trip is more than enough if you are traveling inside your country. Most of the people living in Muslim countries go on trips on these vacations. Therefore, such weekends are best to travel within your country or to the nearby countries. Yet need to decide the priority list that will help you to identify what are some things that you must do in that certain place. In this way, you will be able to enjoy yourself more in less time. However, if you go without a plan, you might end up wasting your time on things that are not worth it.

Adding extra vacation days onto longer holiday weekends where you already have some free time off is a great way of sneaking in a vacation where you might not expect to take one. Pick a convenient federal holiday like Labor Day or Independence Day when you might have a Monday or a Friday off, add a couple of vacation days, and hey presto, you’ve nearly got a full week off! If you’ve got five days, a short cruise is a way to go or a quick dash to a surprisingly accessible tropical paradise!

Travel at night

Traveling at night is not fun neither safe for anyone. However, we have to understand its importance when it comes to saving time. If you take the flight at night, you can easily sleep on the flight, and once you reach your destination, you can start exploring things for the same day. IF we compare the night flights with the day flights, you have to waste all your day while traveling, and you would not be able to sleep on the flight as well. Moreover, once you reach your destination, you would already be tired, and you will not have enough energy to go out on the same day. Yet, you will have to waste that day while sleeping in the hotel room. While traveling to any other place, your hotel room should be your least priority.

Do some extra time to save holiday hours

Multiple industries run day and night. They want their workers to give extra time, and in return, they provide them with some extra bucks, and you can also utilize those hours if you want to take off. Therefore, if you are working in an industry like that and love traveling, you have to get a little hectic to save some good time for the vacation. This will help you save time and save some money so you can enjoy the trip.

Extend your official business trips

Do you travel for your business? If so, it’s not at all difficult to extend those trips by a day or two, and trust me, in these few days you can actually see a lot and explore the place. Moreover, suppose the place you are traveling to is not good. In that case, you plan a step over, as most of the famous airlines as Qatar airways, emirates, and Iceland Air allows you to stop for a day or two to any destination without any charges. Moreover, they also provide you with a hotel room if you have step over to any big city such as Istanbul or Dubai.

Use all your mandatory leave

For some people traveling is more beautiful than the destination and for some people, it is the other way round. If you don’t like to travel often, you can travel once a year but make sure you plan a good trip at that time. You can use all your extra vacations and mandatory vacations at that time, and you can even ask for some unpaid leaves as well. Taking one month off from the office can bring multiple good changes in you, and it can also increase your productivity once you get back in the routine. Therefore, travel once a year but make your trip as luxurious as possible because once you get back, you will not have any holidays left and you have to work all the year constantly.

Plan your trip in advance

Planning your trip in advance can make multiple things easy for you. If you have submitted an application in the department and have accepted them, it makes things clear for you, such as: How many days do you have to travel? At what time your leave starts? Etc. Moreover, you can book the tickets and hotel rooms in advance that will save your time and save your money. You cannot make your trip good if you plan that in a hurry. You would not be able to research the good places that you should see, and you will end up regretting that you should have seen that specific place.


We have provided you with all the ways that can help you travel with limited PTO. However, if you still leave your vacation plan on the table, that really means you have no passion for traveling. We are sent to this world to explore, and you would realize that once you cross your 60’s because you might have money and time at that time, you will not have enough energy to travel. Therefore, travel before you retire and make your life as exciting as you can. You should have some stories to tell your grandchildren.

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