Indian Saree Trending on Twitter

For the last few days the Saree has been trending on Twitter. Women from all over the world have been showing of their best sarees. The hashtag #SareeTwitter and #SareeSwag has really taken off on the micro-blogging site worldwide. Take a look at some of the sarees shared on Twitter.

Saree by Actress Meera Chopra

Saree by Author Ruchi Kokcha

Saree by politician Angellica Aribam

Wife of Ron Malka – Ambassador of Israel to India

What exactly is Saree

The “Saree” or “Sari” is a very popular piece of dress for Hindu women of India. It’s a long piece of cloth which is wrapped around the waist, going around the body and then one end ending up over the shoulders. The saree is worn with a choli (also known as blouse) to cover the breasts and a peti-coat around the waist. The sari is not just a dress but a cultural icon. There are various styles of saree. To the casual onlooker the saree might appear the same but those who are well versed in their knowledge of Indian clothing will know that there are various styles of sarees and wearing sarees.

saree twitter trending

In Northern India, married women usually wear the saree while unmarried women (referred to as girls) in India wear salwar kameez. Pakistani women do not wear the saree however many rich and high class women of Pakistan do wear them at parties to stand out of the crowd. Women of Bangladesh do wear the saree in their own Bengali style. Considering Hindu population of Bangladesh is around 8.5% the saree remains popular there. The saree is also part of women’s dress in Nepal. In the picture below Indian women are wearing the saree and the salwar kameez.

Indian women in Salwaar and Saree

If you have any questions about the saree or Indian clothing in particular then feel free to comment below.

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