World’s 2 most dangerous roads to avoid

When you think of a dangerous road, what images come to your mind? You may think of roads with lots of potholes that could cause an accident. Perhaps you think of roads with lots of cars and people everywhere. But unless you’ve traveled extensively, you will never know what truly dangerous roads are out there. These are roads which run alongside cliffs or contain lots of wreckage and debris that never gets cleaned up. Their dangerous conditions are known for causing numerous traffic deaths, some of them happening daily.

Below are the top 2 most dangerous roads in the world

Jalalabad to Kabul Highway in Afghanistan

Most of you will probably never travel to Afghanistan, so you won’t experience what is known as the most dangerous road in the world. This is the highway road (Highway 1) which stretches from the city of Jalalabad to the capital city of Kabul. There are two major dangers along this highway. The first danger is the risk of a Taliban attack since the highway runs straight through territories which are occupied by the Taliban. For the most part, this does not happen too often anymore. Your only real problem would be if your car breaks down and left you stranded there.

However, the second danger is even more threatening because it pertains to the area of the highway which runs through the gorge called “Kabul.” This area has winding lanes which are very narrow and go all the way up as high as 600 meters. With all the heavily loaded trucks driving on this, other drivers are constantly trying to pass these trucks in a reckless manner by erratically going onto the reverse lane. If you happen to be driving on that lane, there would be nowhere for you to swerve to get out of the way. Not unless you want to drive right off the gorge and fall 600 meters to your death.

Reports show that there is a fatal car crash every single day on this highway. They are not all as dramatic as driving off the gorge, but there is certainly fatal car crashes on the highway itself. They mainly pertain to people trying to pass slow-moving trucks and then colliding with another driver moving on the reverse lane.

North Yungas Road in Bolivia

North Yungas Road is often referred to as the “Road of Death.” The Inter-American Development Bank had once famously called this road the most dangerous road in the entire world. It is a very narrow one-lane road which is mostly gravel and dirt. It exists upon very tall cliffs that are as high as 600 meters, which is around 2,000 feet. There are a limited number of guard rails on the road too. You may find some as you’re winding around a curve or corner but they end immediately afterward. Drivers must watch where they are going very carefully because one little distraction could send them flying off the cliff in their vehicle.

This is supposed to be a route from the capital city of La Paz to the town of Coroico. There are a lot of cyclists who take this road just for the adventure aspect of it. But the real danger comes from the oversized trucks and buses which are hauling a heavy load. It is quite common for these big vehicles to drive right off the road and kill all their passengers. And if someone happens to be traveling in the opposite direction on the road, good luck trying to pull over to let them go. The steep hills and cliffs do not leave you any room to pull off anywhere on the road. It is like a wall of rock on one side and a deep fall on the other side. Take your pick. In total, there are between 200 and 300 deaths on this road per year. 

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