Best Places to Visit in Kochi

There are no shortages of places to visit in India. But if you want one place then I recommend visiting Kochi. Kochi (or Cochin) is a city in India’s Kerala state. Getting to Kochi can be accomplished by many of the numerous flights including Dubai to Kochi tajawal flight. You can either plan to land in a different city or land directly in Kochi. Here is the list of some amazon places in Kochi to visit.

Mattancherry Palace

It is a palace most commonly known as the Dutch palace. The palace gives a feel of 1500’s India and how princes and kings built impressive palaces. This palace is also a protected heritage of UNESCO world heritage sites. It was built nearly around 1557 by the Portuguese colony and was gifted or represented to the prince Veera Kerala Varma. This palace has a unique structure and incredibly amazing architecture. People around the world come to visit this wonder.

Fort Kochi

This fort of Kochi has the marks of each century it has survived and portrays the beautiful yet historical charms it encompasses. It is significant as one of the world’s oldest historical place. It might have been made by the Portuguese, it has all the charms of Kerala. People visit this place just to be amazed at how colonial powers used local people to build amazing monuments. This whole town along with the fort has a colourful charm and fresh ambience showing the same build of each corner as it was in the past when it was first made by the Dutch. It is truly an amazing place to visit in Kochi.

Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali is one of the centres where the famous and iconic dances of Kerala are performed. You may have already seen on the internet that how mesmerizing the costume dances are and how they perform them live cannot be compared to other dances. The hard work and efforts they put in just to make it look incredibly real and amazing.

It also hosts the morning shows where anyone can take part in and play the show. The construction is incredibly amazing. People around the world have been amazed by this and they travel to Kerala, Kochi they must visit here as well.

Jewish Synagogue of Kochi

This place is one of the oldest and also famous with the name of Paradesi Synagogue of Mattancherry Synagogue. It was built around 1567 by the Jews who spoke Spanish in those days. In addition, it is the seventh synagogue of the Malabar Yehuda or Yehudan Mappila. However, due to some conflicts, the Dutch people damaged the Synagogue in 1662 but luckily it was rebuilt by the Dutch two years after. The synagog you see today has been rebuilt twice and still looks amazing.

Chinese fishing nets of Kerala

These are fishing installations commonly known as Chinese fishing nets. They are about 10 meters’ high and consists of cantilevers with an extended nets suspended over the sea and enormous stones suspended from ropes as weights at the other end. These structure are iconic and they represent Kochi. They have become tourist destinations. People when visiting Kochi must visit this place and capture the sunset with the iconic view of the nets for fishing. They are to be called Cheenavala by the locals.

Veeran Puzhal Lake

Veeranpuzha is an incredibly beautiful lake that is based in Kochi. It is located near the Malabar coast. This beautiful sight is a must visit when visiting Kochi.

Willingdon Island

The Willingdon Island is one of the largest artificially island in India. It is named in the honor of Lord Willingdon. In case you don’t know who Wellington was; he was the 22nd Viceroy and Governor-General of India. This place is truly a beautiful place to spend vacation with family. If you see in video below you will get the idea how amazing this place is.

If you ever visit Kochi, these are the places that are worth the visit.

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