5 Best Places to Enjoy Indian Food in Croatia

Croatia is a destination worth visiting. Its rich history, coupled with scenic beauty, makes it a perfect holiday destination. As such, it is common to find many Indians visiting Croatia. Despite the many things to do and see, Indians who visit Croatia often face the challenge of finding authentic
desi food.

Not that there are none. In fact, it’ll surprise you to know just how many Indian restaurants there are in Croatia for your desi indulgence. So where can you go to satisfy your craving for authentic Indian food during vacation in Croatia? In this article, we show you some of the best places to enjoy Indian food in Croatia.

Let’s indulge:

Time Restaurant and Bar (Split)

You don’t want to miss a moment in this restaurant if your itinerary allows you to be in Split. This is the place to stop by for pan Asian and Indian cuisines. However, it shouldn’t surprise you that this place is popular for Indian and Thai dishes. Some of the dishes you can eat here include fish fingers, chicken kebab, chicken grill, noodles and chicken teriyaki. The thing about this restaurant is that apart from the authenticity of the meals that will make you feel home away from home, their ambience crowns it all. Not to mention the wide variety of drinks and wine. The desserts are mouthwatering so make a point of sampling their cakes, kheer and gulab jamun.

Royal India Restaurant (Zagreb)

This authentic Indian restaurant sits strategically at the heart of Zagreb. It’s undoubtedly the best Indian eatery you’ll find in Croatia. While here, you’ll certainly have a piece of India in Croatia. Whether you want to start with mouthwatering starters like samosas, poppadums, fried prawns or chicken tikka, you’ll find them here. You can then have sambar, rice with dal, fried rice, biryani, curd and naan with paneer/chicken butter gravy for your main course.

You can also not run out of options for side dishes like garlic lamb, chili potato, cream soup and honey chilli chicken. For your dessert, you can choose from Gulab jamun, Badam kheer, Nimbu pani, kulfi and some authentic Badam lassi. Overall, not only does this restaurant promise, but also delivers a typical Indian food experience.

Incredible India (Dubrovnik)

This is another top restaurant you’ll find in Croatia offering a variety of Indian foods. When you get here, you’ll satisfy all your desi cravings. It’s not only authentic but also offers something more: charm and vibe. If you prefer to start with kebab, tikka, Manchurian and bajji, you’ll be at home with Incredible India. As a vegan friendly restaurant, they offer gluten-free and vegan food options. So, you shouldn’t worry about food allergies. They also offer an extensive variety for a main course that includes chole bature, chana masala, naan, fried rice, lamb, curry, chicken kebab and fish tikka among others.

You can crown it with amazing drinks, desserts and wines. At his point, you can sample some fresh juices and Croatian wine with desserts like Rasmalai and Gulab jamun.

Black Pepper Indian Restaurant (Hvar)

Hvar is popular as one of the leading party islands world over. This island is dotted with restaurants in every corner of the city and this Indian restaurant is one of them. The Black Pepper Indian restaurant offers great Indian cuisine alongside Mediterranean and European cuisines.

From starters to the main course, dessert and drinks, they have a rich menu that you will enjoy in a restaurant in India. Some of the foods you must try at this restaurant include mushrooms. Grilled chicken, spicy Indian curries, lamb, bread pudding, fried potatoes and fish. You can wash it down with drinks or premium wines on the most exciting Croatian Island.

Umami Grill (Zagreb)

This is another very popular Indian fast-food restaurant specializing in high quality cuisine with exquisite taste. This restaurant is popular for its mushroom pakora, keere vada, chicken pakora, chaat, chicken, onion pakoras, chicken, mushroom tikka, lamb, paneer kebab and chicken tikka. As a fast-food joint, this restaurant is ideal as a good place to stop by for your evening snack before you can proceed to have dinner in another restaurant! If you are considering private boat hire, you can grab some snacks to nibble on as you enjoy the magnificent sight of the sun setting from the water. 

Although you may want to sample Croatian cuisine while on your visit, it’s equally important to know where to find your Indian cuisine for a scrumptious meal. Make a stopover at any of the restaurants listed above and you’ll feel so much at home while you indulge your taste buds.

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