Baba Ramdev Kalpabhati Pranayam

Baba Ramdev is everything that you could hope and expect from a guru.  Baba Ramdev might also be referred to as Swami Ramdev: an Indian Hindu swami and celebrated yogi rishi.  Baba Ramdev is like Patanjali muni (guru) of the present times.  He is the icon of yoga of Pranayama and celebrated Yoga teacher and an Ayurveda Guru.  The guru has traveled across the world and making people aware of Yoga and Pranayam.  

Baba Ramdev has deep knowledge of Samkhya doctrine and the holy Bhagavad-Gita.  He concentrates on the attaining Samadhi through the use of applying meditation (Pranayam).  He has managed to spread Yoga to such an extent that sooner or later, every one has to embrace it.

Baba Ramdev's current central office is on 500 acre site in Haridwar.  Baba Ramdev has created a vast following through his “Yog-Gyan”. The Baba is the existence and the embodiment of music of Pranayama.  Baba Ramdev is now accepted as the icon of Pranayama. 

Kalpabhati Pranayama. The heart of the pranayamas, yoga asanas, and acupressure and home remedies is to cope with problems of high blood pressure.  Kalpabhati is a kriyas of purification besides being a pranayama. The Kapalbhati pranayam  is the yogistic inhalation to form of yoga  pranayam  meditations.

Kapalbhati is a simple way to start your day. The idea is simple, you inhale normally but exhale forcibly. You can do this quickly as it does not take a lot of time. But mind you, do not do this if after you have eaten. It is best done before having your food. 

Some of the named benefits of this Pranayama includes

purification of the frontal air sinuses
helps reduce headaches
it is useful in treating cold
rejuvenating the body
keeps the face young and energetic
strengthens the nervous system

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