How to go to sleep fast


One third of our lives go out in sleep and the rest while working, people who sleep late in the nights twisting their bodies from one corner of the bed to the other wished it was true. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, its true and most of us believe in this saying, but the core question which arises over here, is the fact that where does the healthy body resides. The answer is simple, which is, in a good night sleep. But here another hurdle arises which is both the answer and the question, “sleep”. On an average a normal human sleep should not be less than seven hours, but quite a number of us fail to sleep fast and are astounded by this problem. Even worse people are illusioned, that they are suffering from some kind of disease like insomnia which still adds to their psychological stress leaving vacant eyes in the night. 

However one of the crucial reasons which is responsible for late sleeping habits is the stress which has become the inevitable cause of many other psychological disorders, especially when the entire human race is engulfed in the rat race of economic existence lured through technology and ambition to prove to the society and themselves in general. Following are some of the ways through which one can sleep fast. 

How to go to sleep fast

1)      Exercise:- 

I was a late sleeper myself but found that if I exercised for at least half an hour which consists of aerobics and push ups only, it was enough to wear down my stress and go to sleep fast 

2)      Drugs:- 

Drugs not necessarily heroine or smack or cocaine, but it covers caffeine found in coffee, nicotine found in cigarettes and tea also, contribute to late night sleep. Avoid drugs of any sort to get a quick sleep in the night. 

3)      Television:- 

Watching television excessively, though  is not advisable for most of us but instead of watching television in the morning make a habit of watching television in the night you will soon find yourself dozing off to sleep even sooner than before. 

4)      Music:- 

Instrumental music especially ones from saxophone and Indian classical music makes you sleep not only soon but also a comfortable sleep is experienced. Many music stores sell compact discs and DVDs with the OM mantra being repeated; believe me it helps not only in getting you to sleep soon but also flushes out stress from your body. 

5)      Stay awake:- 

Sometimes our routine is disturbed when we work late in the nights and sleep in the morning, and one fine day when the work is over our brain simply does not instructs our eyes to doze out. The key of regaining our old routine is to stay awake for a day or two in the morning hours and by the third day your body is ready to relax and sleep quickly in the night. 

6)      Reading:-

Reading is a good habit and a prudent exercise for our eyes. Reading, a novel in the night, surly helps in a quick sleep. Especially if you are tired and exhausted from your days work at the office or the site. 

7) Meditation:-

Meditation before sleep flushes out all the stress in the body which quickly relaxes as soon as the person lies on the bed.

8) Medicine:-

Medicines such as Dionil and Compose can be taken under strict medical supervision if nothing works out for you. However it is the lender of the last resort and should be your ultimate choice when all natural means have failed.

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