Ghost in the toilet – a personal story


In India, it is believed that ghosts, or "bhoot," are the spirits of the dead who have not yet moved on to the next life. They are often depicted as being malevolent, seeking to cause harm to the living.

There are also stories of witches, or "daayans," in India, who are believed to have powers to control the spirits of the dead. These witches are often feared and reviled, as they are thought to use their powers for evil purposes.

As a young girl growing up in India, I had heard many stories of ghosts and witches, and I was always a bit scared of the dark and the unknown. But I never expected to encounter a ghost first-hand, especially not in my own family's home.

I was visiting my grandmother's house in a small village in Bihar, India during the summer holidays. The summers in India can be quite hot and sweaty, and my grandparents' house provided a welcome respite from the heat and the bustle of the capital city Patna.

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed spending time at my grandparents' house. My cousins also used to come and stay with us during the summer months, and we would spend our days playing in the fields and swimming in the river.

But one year, something strange started to happen in the house, particularly in the bathroom. I had heard from the villagers that a woman had slipped and fallen in the bathroom while showering, and had died as a result. Some said that her ghost now haunted the bathroom, appearing to those who used it.

As I learned more about the ghost, I discovered that she was actually my aunt, who had died many years ago. Strangely, no one in the family had ever talked about her death, and it was as if she had simply vanished from our lives.

The villagers were terrified of the ghost and tried to rid the house of her presence by performing various local rituals. They hung garlic and holy charms around the bathroom, and burned incense and offered prayers to the spirits.

Despite their efforts, the ghost remained, and the strange occurrences continued. I was terrified and began to avoid using the bathroom altogether, choosing instead to wash up at the village well.

But eventually, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to confront the spirit. I gathered a group of brave villagers and together we entered the bathroom, determined to face the ghost and banish her from my grandmother's house.

My uncles were not happy that I had gathered the villagers, but they couldn't deny that something needed to be done about the ghost. They reluctantly allowed us to proceed with the ritual.

As we stood inside the room, we heard a faint whisper, and then a cold wind blew through the room. Suddenly, the ghost appeared before us, her pale face contorted in anger.

We were terrified, but I stood my ground and faced the spirit, determined to rid my grandmother's house of her presence. I recited an ancient incantation, and as I spoke, the ghost let out a blood-curdling scream and then vanished into thin air.

I was relieved and grateful to have banished the spirit, and from that day on, the bathroom at my grandmother's house was no longer haunted. I was able to use it in peace, and the ghost was never seen again. The villagers were grateful to me for putting an end to their terror, and they praised me for my nerve. As for my family, we finally came to terms with my aunt's death and were able to remember her with love and affection instead of hiding from her ghost.

My uncles were relieved and grateful that the ghost had been vanquished, and they apologised for doubting me. From then on, our summers at my grandparents' house were filled with joy and laughter, and we were able to enjoy the beauty of the village without fear of being haunted by the past.

It is believed that ghosts, dead spirits, and witches can haunt the living and cause them harm. These supernatural beings are often depicted as malevolent and malevolent, and people go to great lengths to protect themselves from their influence.

There are many stories and legends of ghosts and witches in India, passed down through the generations. Some are tales of terror and warning, while others are stories of hope and redemption.

Welcome to my book, "Real Ghost and Paranormal Stories from India." These are true stories of ghosts and paranormal events that have occurred in India, collected from various sources and eyewitness accounts.

These stories are not intended to scare anyone, but rather to narrate a set of events that have occurred in real life and to ponder upon why certain things happen without any logical explanation. They are a collection of events that have occurred in real life, and as such, some of the stories may end on a bad note and without any reasoning or logical explanation.

Please keep in mind that these stories are based on real events, and may contain disturbing or unsettling content. They are not intended to be taken as fact, but rather as a way to explore the mysteries of the paranormal and to consider the possibilities of what may lie beyond our understanding.


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