Marathi Numbers


If you're thinking of a trip to Maharashtra or its capital the city of Mumbai, it might be a good idea to learn Marathi numbers to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Learning the Marathi numbers is a small but important step in preparing for your trip to Maharashtra or Mumbai. It will help you communicate better, make better purchases, navigate transportation and immerse yourself in the local culture. So why not give it a try? You'll be surprised at how much more enjoyable your trip can be when you're equipped with this basic knowledge.

Here are a few reasons why you should learn Marathi numbers even though Hindi will also work there too.

Communication: Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra, and knowing the numbers will help you communicate better with locals. Whether you're shopping, bargaining or asking for directions, you'll be able to understand and express numbers more effectively.

Transportation: When you're travelling in Maharashtra or Mumbai, you'll often need to use public transportation such as buses, taxis or trains. Knowing the numbers in Marathi will help you understand the fare and negotiate with the driver, making your travel experience smoother.

Shopping: Maharashtra is famous for its vibrant markets and bazaars, and knowing the Marathi numbers will help you make better purchases. You'll be able to understand the price of goods, bargain effectively and avoid getting ripped off.

Ordering food: Maharashtra has a rich culinary culture, and trying out the local cuisine is a must-do when you're there. Knowing the Marathi numbers will help you order food from menus, count your change and tip your servers appropriately.

Making friends: Learning the Marathi numbers can also be a great way to connect with locals and make new friends. By showing an interest in the local language and culture, you'll be able to break down barriers and build meaningful relationships.

Locals love it: You will get by in Hindi absolutely fine. But people of Maharashtra are very proud of their language so learning a few things in Marathi will go a long way with them.

Here are the Marathi numbers 1 to 100

1. एक (ek)

2. दोन (don)

3. तीन (teen)

4. चार (char)

5. पाच (pach)

6. सहा (saha)

7. सात (sat)

8. आठ (ath)

9. नऊ (nau)

10. दहा (daha)

11. अकरा (akra)

12. बारा (bara)

13. तेरा (tera)

14. चौदा (chouda)

15. पंधरा (pandhra)

16. सोळा (sola)

17. सतरा (satra)

18. अठरा (athra)

19. एकोणीस (ekonnis)

20. वीस (vis)

21. एकवीस (ekvis)

22. बावीस (baavis)

23. तेवीस (tevis)

24. चोवीस (chovis)

25. पंचवीस (panchvis)

26. सव्वीस (savis)

27. सत्तावीस (sattavis)

28. अठ्ठावीस (athhavis)

29. एकोणतीस (ekonatis)

30. तीस (tis)

31. एकतीस (ekatis)

32. बत्तीस (battis)

33. तेहेतीस (tehetis)

34. चौतीस (chautis)

35. पस्तीस (pastis)

36. छत्तीस (chatis)

37. सदतीस (sadatis)

38. अडतीस (adatis)

39. एकोणचाळीस (ekonachalis)

40. चाळीस (chalis)

41. एक्केचाळीस (ekkechalis)

42. बेचाळीस (bechalis)

43. त्रेचाळीस (trechalis)

44. चव्वेचाळीस (chavvechalis)

45. पंचेचाळीस (panchichalis)

46. सेहेचाळीस (sehechalis)

47. सत्तेचाळीस (sattechalis)

48. अठ्ठेचाळीस (athechalis)

49. एकोणपन्नास (ekonpannas)

50. पन्नास (pannas)

51. एक्कावन्न (ekkavan)

52. बावन्न (bavan)

53. त्रेपन्न (trepann)

54. चोपन्न (chopann)

55. पंचावन्न (panchavan)

56. छप्पन्न (chappann)

57. सत्तावन (sattavan)

58. अठ्ठावन्न (athavan)

59. एकोणसाठ (ekonasath)

60. साठ (sath)

61. एकसष्ठ (eksasath)

62. बासष्ठ (bavsath)

63. त्रेसष्ठ (tresasath)

64. चौसष्ठ (chausasath)

65. पासष्ठ (pasasath)

66. सहासष्ठ (sahasasath)

67. सदुसष्ठ (sadusasath)

68. अडुसष्ठ (adusasath)

69. एकोणसत्तर (ekonasattar)

70. सत्तर (sattar)

71. एक्काहत्तर (ekkahattar)

72. बाहत्तर (bahattar)

73. त्र्याहत्तर (tryahattar)

74. चौर्‍याहत्तर (chouryahattar)

75. पंच्याहत्तर (panchyahattar)

76. शहात्तर (shahattar)

77. सत्त्याहत्तर (satyahattar)

78. अठ्ठ्याहत्तर (athyahattar)

79. एकोणऐंशी (ekonayshi)

80. ऐंशी (ayshi)

81. एक्क्याऐंशी (ekkyayshi)

82. ब्याऐंशी (byayshi)

83. त्र्याऐंशी (tryayshi)

84. चौऱ्याऐंशी (chouryayshi)

85. पंच्याऐंशी (panchyayshi)

86. शहाऐंशी (shahayshi)

87. सत्त्याऐंशी (satyayshi)

88. अठ्ठ्याऐंशी (athyayshi)

89. एकोणनव्वद (ekonnavvad)

90. नव्वद (navvad)

91. एक्क्याण्णव (ekkyanav)

92. ब्याण्णव (byanav)

93. त्र्याण्णव (tryanav)

94. चौऱ्याण्णव (chouryanav)

95. पंच्याण्णव (panchyanav)

96. शहाण्णव (shahyanav)

97. सत्त्याण्णव (satyanav)

98. अठ्ठ्याण्णव (athyanav)

99. नव्व्याण्णव (navvyanav)

100. शंभर (shambhar)

Learning Marathi numbers can be very useful when traveling to Maharashtra and Mumbai, as it is the official language of the state and spoken by a majority of the population. Knowing the numbers in Marathi can help you in various situations such as shopping, bargaining, or while using public transport. 

For instance while you are shopping in a local market, it is common to bargain with the shopkeeper. Knowing the Marathi numbers can help you negotiate better and avoid being overcharged. Similarly, while traveling by local trains or buses, knowing the Marathi numbers can help you understand the fare and purchase the correct ticket. 

In addition, learning Marathi numbers can also help you in social situations. Indians, in general, appreciate it when foreigners attempt to speak their language. Knowing Marathi numbers can help you strike a conversation with the locals and leave a good impression. 

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