What do Indians eat for breakfast?

Whenever you are in India, you should try eating Indian breakfast rather than the usual cornflakes, hash browns, sausages, croissants and baked beans. You never know you might like it! Once you have tried one of these Indian breakfasts, you will not want anything else.

Let’s take a look at what Indians eat for breakfast

Puri Sabji – These are deep fried bread with a vegetable curry. Here you can puris and chickpeas curry. You can get puri subji as street food or you can order them in a restaurant.

Poha – These are flat rice friend with pees and potato and green vegetables. You should be able to get poha as part of your breakfast in your hotel. They are very popular in most parts of India. It makes a great light breakfast.

What do Indians eat for breakfast

Thaali – A thali would include rotis (chapattis), chaana (beans), yogurt, a vegetable curry and some salad. Just make sure you ask for a breakfast thali. A breakfast thali would be lighter than your lunch thali.

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Cholle Bhature – Typically reserved for lunches but it makes an excellent breakfast as well particularly as street food on the go. They are ideal for lunches but I have seen many people have cholle bhature for breakfast.

Masala Dosa – One of my favourites.  You just got to have a masala dosa; very popular South Indian dish made of rice flour served with sambar (lentil based vegetable stew) and coconut chutney.

Aloo paratha – Flat pancakes shaped bread stuffed with potatoes. Try aloo paratha with a dash of pure desi ghee. You will love it.

Idli and vada – Rice based idli is ideal for the mornings. Vada are deep fried cutlets eaten with sambar. They are very popular in South India. I can have this any time of the day. Great for mornings too!

So next time you are in India or wish to try these Indian breakfast find yourself an Indian restaurant. Let me know how you got along. Don’t forget to have a cup of Indian chai with your breakfast.

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