How to eat Indian food with your hands


Now if you are travelling to India then most likely you will use cutlery to eat in a good restaurant. But if you are in a small town or cheap restaurant like a dhaba then you will find people eating with their hands. This should not come as a surprise to you because eating with hands in India is perfectly normal. Most people will use their right hand to eat. The left hand is reserved for cleaning the back side after using thetoilet. (Here’s how Indian toilets look like if you want to know). Indian food is mostly chapatti and rice based along with curry or lentils (daal). 

Trick is to use your fingers of the right hand. If you are eating rice then drop a little of bit of curry, daal or vegetables on small portion of rice and then pick them up with your fingers as if you are scooping them up. The use of the thumb is important here. Use your 4 fingers at one end and then use the thumb to pick up the curried rice. Bring all four fingers together and curve them a bit. Then put them in your mouth. Some of the curry or lentins will certainly drip from the sides of your hand but it will get better with practice. 

If you are eating naan or chapatti then you will have to use both hands in the beginning till you perfect the technique of breaking it with one hand. Break a small piece of naan bread with your hand then scoop a small amount of curry or dip in lentils and then put in your mouth. 

With these tips you should be able to completely eat Indian food with your hands.


When you are done eating your food with your hands, you will wipe your fingers with a napkin or washcloth. For extra washing, go to the sink and rinse your fingers in soap and water again. Try them with a towel. If you don’t have access to a sink and you’re eating outside, then use a natural body of water to wash your fingers off in.

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