Funny Indian pictures

India is one of the most colourful countries of the world. The Indian people love wearing colourful clothes, doing strange things and not to mention that Indian movies are full of colourful dance sequences. This makes India one of the most photogenic places on earth; hence those travelling to India must take a camera with them to capture the amazing things they might see while in India. No wonder, travellers to India such as Kathryn Burrington, Elle the Solo Female Nomad, Samuel Jeffery and Daniel McBane, all of them have recommended taking a camera with them. I agree with them completely, you never know what you will find in India.

Here are some funny Indian pictures

Funny indian photos
We can manage just about anything.

Funny Indian pictures
Ohh Please! There’s a place and time for this kind of stuff. Ever heard of the phrase “get a room”.

Family on bikes
Family on bikes: How many can you see on this bike? Illegal but a common site on Indian roads.

Accident Porn Area
Accident porn area. What the f** @!ӣ$%^&*(

Funny Indian pics
India is world class in information technology? Why not come to India for your studies!

We love taking photos
We love taking photos.

Indians love invention
Indians love invention, love the seat.

Just do it!
Just do it! Men and kids urinating at the side of the road is common in India! We take things easy.

A man carrying bricks funny Indian pic
A man carrying bricks. Do you think he’s riding or walking? Can’t see his head!

Drink Coca Cola
Drink Coca Cola! We may have shortage of water in some areas but we are OK with Coca Cola.

A horse cart carrying cargo
A horse-cart carrying cargo. I don’t find this unusual at all but to a visitor to India, its amusing.

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